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A one off collaborative project by

Nir Adoni &   Avital Cnaani

Curator: Carmit Blumensohn

The Phoenix Project:

A sculptural installation made up of two different artistic languages.

The image of the phoenix embodies in many cultures the longing for a myth whose multicultural origins cross chronological and geographical borders, along with a sense of awe that answers the basic human need to engage in the miraculous, the sublime and unattainable, as an allegory for regeneration and immortality.

“The Phoenix Project” gives an expression to a romantic, conceptual and poetic attitude, examination and reflection on the “phoenix”, the mythological, mysterious and untamed fire bird – a symbol of resurrection and regeneration, created from death, demise and oblivion.

The viewer is invited to step into the space, walking amidst and inside the object’s massive structure, that happens to look like an ancient giant fowl, beast or dinosaur. He feels threatened and trapped at some points and wrapped, comforted, and nested at other points, in a way that does not allow him to remain distant and detached.     He sweeps into a different existence, the twilight areas between reality and fantasy. With a feeling of disorientation he wanders in the middle, along the passages, under the arches, entrances, exits, barriers and openings. As he wanders the space in which interior and exterior are intermixed without distinction or boundaries, he himself creates the occurrence with his steps and body.a

A physical description: A huge sculpture stands in the space, a combination of two different artistic languages: a constructive body of wood (made by Cnaani), carrying tremendous wings of rubber (made by Adoni).  The space is totally darkened, dynamically lighted from inner and outer sources and accompanied by variable sound.

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